Farm Innovators 4200 Incubator Humidity issue !

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    Hello to all !!

    My husband and I recently purchased the Farm Innovators 4200 Incubator. From the reviews we understood that the reference temp gauge would be off. We have our own digital temp probe for inside the incubator and have had great temps of 99.5f with the humidity reference gauge showing 45%. These readings have been steady for 3 days.

    We decided to do a trial run of 30 jumbo Coturnix Quail eggs from our own quail stock. I placed all 30 in the incubator with them doing fine. On day 5 I candled them to check for progress. All 30 are fertile and developing great.
    As you can see :) Each one showing growth and a tiny heart beat :)
    On day 14 that is today. I candled each egg to check for movement and good sized air sacks. I then removed the egg turner and placed them inside the incubator along with adding water to the bottom to get the humidity increased to 60% to 65%. The only humidity gauge I currently have is the one built in with the reference temp gauge.
    There is no condensation on the viewing glasses on top of the incubator.

    Should I have water build up on the windows on the last days of incubation. Just worried I don't have enough humidity inside lockdown on these precious days of life.

    On all the reviews that I have read about this model incubator. They mainly complain about the temp issues, but not much on how accurate the reference humidity gauge is.

    I would like to ride to town and purchase a humidity gauge to go along with my digital temp prob.
    Sadly we are currently under a Tropical Storm Karen warning and the weather is quite bad.

    Perfect timing for a storm to come during the end of our incubation. :(

    I am not sure if the humidity is about right where it should be, to little or to much for their last few days in lockdown.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Worried Momma over here.......[​IMG]

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