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Farmer Benjii

10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
Vic, AUS
Mods - Please get rid of auction/buitnow thing as it is in a different link on ebay. all auction stuff is fake do nmot take seriously, it's on ebay

I went to eb games a few months back and bought a game for the ds.
It is called Farm Life and I don't play my s much anymore so I decided to sell it.
And I figured people at BYC would like to buy a farm game for ds so I'm posting here.
Farm Life is a simulation game were you use your stylus to till dirt then plant plants and harvest them, you can also get chickens, cows, pigs and goats were you can raise them and show them off at the towns farm show.

Here is where I'm selling it: Ebay:

yes I did go to the auction thing but it says only to post if you are looking to buy and i'm not selling eggs.

Here is my page: - You can find all my listings there (currently two ds games, super mario 64 ds and farm life ds).
I have 100% feedback and hope you give A++ when you buy my things, thankyou.
I just zapped a report from halo on this auction and saw what April had posted! Yep, it was right there for the OP and everyone else to see!

Anyhow, thought it best to go ahead and just move it in here.
Sent a note to the OP. Copy of note is posted in the "Fun game" thread here in the staff section.
It was on the board and reported April. I don't know what happened but I checked three times to make sure I was seeing it right. After the third glance I decided that yep, it was out on the board!

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