Farm puppy needs a farm dog name! UPDATE: We named him! PICS!!


10 Years
Aug 4, 2009
Leicester, NC
We just got this sweet little muffin this weekend. He's a mix, mostly likely some golden retriever/lab in there, who knows what else, but we think he'll be a pretty good size.

We lost our wonderful farm dog, Hannah, last spring to old age and since then the predators have been creeping in. While its definitely going to be awhile until he can scare anything, we want to give him a good, solid farm dog name.

He's already showing a great attitude towards the chickens, interested, but not overwhelmingly and without any aggression, a very calm, controlled demeanor. We're working with him daily, so hopefully he'll follow in our sweet Hannah's footsteps.

The fluffball in question....

UPDATE: THANK YOU guys SO much for the wonderful list of names! Hubby and I sat down with the little fella last night and went through all of them. And.....drumroll pleeeeease...his name is HANK!! For the record, there were quite a few on the list that nearly made it, particularly Doc and Ranger, but Hank just seems to fit his little personality so well! Plus, it is a little bit of a memorial to our sweet Hannah.

Here's lil Hank in action!




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