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The Garry Farm is offering 4 turkey hens and 2 jakes for sale. They are 1 year and 2 months old. Very gentle and friendly - naturally reproducing. They are from Porter's heritage turkeys originally. This is a heritage variety.

We love this flock. They are so friendly that Farmer Nancy can go in and pet them and reach up under a broody and get the eggs that were laid that day - not her nest eggs.

The starting price is $150. We are downsizing due to our concentrating on three kinds of turkeys and because we need to work in our gardens more as well as build/repair more farm buildings for the animals - We have over 500 on our fulltime farm. Animals are treated with much love and respect on our farm and are fed the best of feeds year round, as well as have pastured areas and guard dogs for safety and protection!

For more about our farm, see blogging at http://the or facebook The Garry Farm

For our reputation, we have feedback in this section as well as the old section.

Thanks so much and feel free to pm us. Have a [color =blue]Happy and Blessed Day![/color]
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OOOOHHHHHHH how I wish you were closer.

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