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  1. anniemary

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    Mar 23, 2009

    wondering if this applies to anyone....

    many times, my husband will work on farm projects late into the evening and not come in for hours.

    after a recent serious accident in which i severed my finger here at home, i am increasingly concerned about him having an accident out in the pasture and needing my help. what if he were lying on the ground and couldnt call me for help? [​IMG]

    what are some safety measures you put into place to communicate emergencies while out in the pastures? i thought of walkie talkies, but do you have any other ideas? do you have a recommendation for a good set of 2-way radios with easy access if you were incapacitated in some way. i dunno...just thinkin'

    thank you!!

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  2. MeatKing

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    Really looking forward to hearing everyones respones. Sorry AnnieMary I have no ideas..

    But just got to tell this quick little story: My dh drives me crazy, when he will yell from somewhere, that I can't hear him. So i would always move closer to where he is, so I can hear him.. Well a few years ago, I decided, enough was enough. When he would yell to me, I would just ignore him, till he came close enough that I could hear him..
    So one day he was outside, chopping wood.. I let dog in or something, and dang there he goes again.. Yelling something at me excpecting me to come to him. Inside I go, close the doors.. I then look out the window, smirking to myself, ha it's working here he comes.. Oh but wait, why is he holding his arm up in the air, above his head.. That's werid, better check on him.. Yup, the axe got him. he need a pin and surgery, stiches etc.. I sure fixed him.. lol Sorry to funny of a story not too share!

    Ok, really am interested to see what others say for saftey ideas
  3. anniemary

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    Mar 23, 2009
    Quote:usually, im the one stepping outside to yell at him to make sure he's ok. but that doesnt work 'cause half the time he cant hear me. now with my finger "pinned" and with a fear of falling again, i dont want to have to go outside looking for him and making sure he's ok.

    so glad you dh was ok!

    lol. ive tried training tactics like that too! [​IMG]
  4. MeatKing

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    Was thinking about my neighbors, they have walkie talkies.. Don't know much about them, expect they sit on a charger all the time, when not in use..
    I think it's a good idea to find ones, that don't take standerd battiers..

    I'm glad your ok.. You fell and served your finger at the same time?
  5. TinaK

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    Feb 12, 2010
    I often wonder about this as well. I slipped over a few months ago and really hurt my knee... It got me wondering what I'd do if I seriously injured myself and couldn't move... or got bitten by a poisonous snake and shouldn't move!

    I always try to carry my mobile phone with me when I am outside... but most places around here don't have reception for me to make a call! I don't know how it works in the states, but over here I can always access 000 (our equivalent to 911) even if I have no reception or money on my mobile phone account. So at least I know I can contact emergency if something goes really bad!

    We also have really good walkie talkies... but we have never used them for just general communication. We always just use the 'yelling' thing... If worst comes to worst I go out to the car and toot the horn to get attention!
  6. turney31

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    Sep 14, 2008
    palestine texas
    We used to work on a 13,000 acre ranch. We would each carry a walkie talkie, 3 mile range, with rechargeable batteries. I would sometimes wear a body alarm, a string and pin that when removed from the alarm itself, attached to your belt, you could hear it a mile away. LOL The alarm I bought from a pawn shop. I ran into alot of poachers and the alarm seemed like a good idea. Now I would just use a cell phone. We had cb radios in the trucks and a base at the house but that was expensive and not reliable.
  7. teach1rusl

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    Why not just cell phones?? Or do you guys not get reception where you are? My grandpa goes out to his "farm" (not really a farm, just his acreage where he keeps his tractors and such, where he goes to tinker and stay young) all the time. A few years ago, when he was a spry 95, he got out there on his tractor, drove too close to a drop-off (his peripheral vision isn't good), and rolled that tractor over on himself and was pinned. It just so happened that one of my brother's had driven by earlier and seen his truck there, so he stopped by when he was heading back the other way. He heard grandpa yelling, and was able to get help for him. Grandpa had a broken pelvis, but was no worse for wear other than that. I think my brother was more traumatized than Grandpa, as he was the one wedging the tractor up to take the weight off, but was afraid to move him. We've talked and talked with Grandpa about having a phone with him when he's out there "working," but at his age he wants nothing to do with a cell phone. [​IMG]
  8. anniemary

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    Mar 23, 2009
    thanks everyone. i thought about the cell phone, but our phones are a little complicated to use, and if its snowing or raining outside, they would get wet and ruined. not a big deal in ermergencies, but not practical for just checking in.

    i think ill get walkie talkies and make sure he carries it with him. i like the alarm idea, tho.

    i too toot the car horn when its time for supper. [​IMG]

    and yes, my finger got cut in half when i was carrying a computer tower from the garage to the house and slipped in the snow. i fell on top of the computer and my middle finger was underneath. luckily a blood vessel and tendon were spared and they were able to re-attach my finger. getting a prosthetic knuckle in about 6 weeks. its my right hand and im right handed [​IMG].
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  9. PotterWatch

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    Apr 22, 2008
    We use walkie talkies. We give them to the kids when they go out to play and we carry them as well when we are on the farm. We have cell phones as well, but the kids don't always carry theirs and it would cost me more to replace their cell phones than a walkie talkie if they drop it while on the trampoline or something.
  10. zzGypsy

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    Aug 8, 2011
    I worked on a no-motion detector for firemen... it hangs on their jacket and if motion isn't detected for 45 seconds, it alarms... used for when a fireman is trapped, down, injured or unconscience. don't know what one would cost, or it it's available to civilians, but it might be worth looking at.

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