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    Jul 11, 2011
    Cottage Grove, Oregon
    I am dreaming of duckies and checking out web sites...but I only want a couple... What breeds to they usually sell at farm stores in the spring, and are they sexed? What should I expect to pay for one? I am trying to decide whether to check order online...check cl or the farm store this spring...I have chickens now I need...DUCKS...[​IMG]
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    May 9, 2011
    Well I cant say too much as I am still new here myself, but I can at least give you some info. I live in Minnesota and here we have Runnings Farm and Fleet. Every spring they have all sorts of ducks and chickens for sale and on average the ducks sell from anywhere between $2 on up to $6 depending on the breed. I bought my first two ducks from there this past spring and spent $3 on my Black Runner and $4 on my Blue Swede. I purchase 1 bag of food a month and that costs me $14. I cant really give an opinion on whats a good or bad breed but from personal experience, my Blue Swede was much nicer and more personable when we still had him. Our Black Runner now that he's an indoor duck is coming around and though a bit flighty, he's learning to be much friendlier. My best advice for you is no matter what breed you decide on, spend lots of personal time with them. The more time you spend with them, the friendlier they will be. I figured it out the hard way after letting ours outside to be free roam ducks, they tend to loose their attachment and getting them back to how they were as ducklings wasnt so easy. Good luck and I hope that this helped a little bit.

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    Im not sure where your located but by me in tampa Bay fl we have Suburban Feed- They get several breeds of duck- our favorite is the crested pekins for looks and personality (plus they dont fly - Too heavy) We pay around 2.50 For the 3 day olds.. Its nice to get them from a feed store not only because you can personally select the ones you want but also because once they are shipped (in large , warm quantities) the store holds them for a couple of days to make sure they are all healthy and normal. nothing worse than ordering live birds in small quatities and they arrive Dead [​IMG]
    We have also gotten slightly older ones from peoples pet ducks hatching (ad on craigslist) and they seem to be very well hand tamed in comparison to store/online order ducks but then you have to worry about quarantine if you have other birds.
    either way you will be happy with whatever quacky ducklings you get..
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    I have two sisters, (they are rescues) one blk and wh and one gry and wh, they are a cross between pekin and black cauyga. They were two months old when I got them, THEY ARE MESSY AND STILL WONT EAT FROM MY HAND. they were in a large group so suppose they did not get much personal attention. Im staying patient. all ducks are beautiful but think it through and get them small so you can handle them more if thats the type of pet you want.
    I still love my new babies and am pampering them too tryiing to be a good duck daddy.
    enjoy and good luck.
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    Jul 18, 2011
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    I have Khaki Campbells and Magpies. I got them at the local feed store. They were $6.99 a piece. Have seen runners, campbells, cayuga, pekins, swedish, roeun, and several other breeds. Just depends on the store. Most carry runners or campbells at least. Priced anywhere from $5.99 to $7.99 - higher being sexed campbells. Generally have straight run only at the feed stores I checked. I am in Western Washington. Our feed and ducklings out here seem to be quite a bit higher than other parts of the county!

    Personal experience note: I got 4 straight run duckings....ended up getting two more sexed campbells a few months later because I got too many drakes the first time. Three drakes and one hen. Straight run = gamble! Even at 3:3 ratio I have to keep the drakes and hens separate because I still have too many drakes when they are in their frenzied breeding state (this year was August and September). They are still separated into the drake house and duck house at night because putting them together at night results in issues all year (won't let females eat and generally bully them).
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    Quote:They are beautiful, have you tried peas? I take frozen peas put them into water warm them in the microwave about 3 min and boy do they love them, even my 3 youngest that were terrified of everything when we got them are coming around, still won't eat out of my hand but at least they aren't running away like the boggy man is after them when I come around them now. It does take time.
  7. m.kitchengirl

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    Jun 4, 2011
    I'm not sure about the TSC, but my small, local feed store has a poster from their hatchery up & I can special order from that poster & they'll hold them, or roll the dice & hope they have what you want when you get in there.
    I LOVE the birds I got from a local poultry swap. If they have any of those in your area, I HIGHLY recommend them. It is like a farmers market for livestock. I got 4 lovely, hardy, happy birds from them that are good enough quality I know they are not hatchery birds. They lay well, and have survived a weird winter beautifully so far. Everyone was really helpful & most of them are BYCers in my area.
    I also had good luck with my ducks here, through somewhat local folks, and on CL. Its a matter of going with your gut about the ad, the folks & how they deal with you, etc.
    I may not have TSQ, but I have fabulous birds for my backyard.

    get them small so you can handle them more if thats the type of pet you want.

    I must say, I have gotten ducks both from large groups that were not terribly pet like, and they warmed up a lot, will eat from my hand etc. I also got 2 ducklings from a woman here who handled them, I let them brood in my breezeway & hang out with us & snuggle us. They are no more friendly to me than the other ducks now that their hormones are raging & they are "big" ducks. They are happy & content & run right to me for peas or kale stems & hang around even if I don't have them, but they are NOT anymore interested in being handled.
    (My ducks are lovely, sweet & fun, but they are gross. I don't mind not handling them much, after I see how they live like feathered pigs.)

    One thing my ducks genuinely seem to like - both the anti-social & social - is when I sing while I clean the yard/ go about my chores, etc. I don't know why, but it always has calmed them. When we have friends over to play music & the weather brings us outside the ducks come running. They'll stand in the middle of the circle of musicians & sneak the occasional nibble on a shoe or stand up bass. They really just seem to love it. Maybe singing to your rescue ducks would help warm them up to you.​
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    Mar 20, 2008
    Quote:We dont know what state you are even in so we cant help that much. Im usually in a state of confusion [​IMG] Our ducklings here go from 2 to 5 dollars.Mostly unsexed. Most common breeds are Pekin mallard and muscovies in that order. I hope this helps you. Also when ordering online shipping will always double the money spent unfortunately.
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  9. Kevin565

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Also talk to your feed store. Some feed stores around here will let you place add in the ducks you want to their order. Then you usually pay about an extra dollar a duckling but it saves you the cost of shipping.
  10. CelticOaksFarm

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    Sep 7, 2009
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    Our feed store takes our African goslings and ducklings too, Rouen, Buff, Khaki and maybe Silver Appleyard this year. I can back fill their hatchery orders, and give small numbers of breeds they wouldn't normally have (SA's).

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