Farm Therapy for women

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    The Flip Flop Ranch Therapy Program offers alternatives for women of all ages over 18 struggling to live a full and successful life. Flip Flop Ranch is an opportunity to take these women out of their normal mode of life and put them in a new environment. One that is invigorating and full of activities that build self-responsibility, compassion and most importantly a new and more hopeful attitude towards life.
    Flip Flop Ranch is an actual working ranch that specializes in raising rare and endangered breeds of livestock. Most of our livestock are critically endangered with only a few hundred left in the world. Girls participate in something much larger than themselves as they help preserve these endangered breeds.
    The Ranch teaches self-sufficiency to the women as they learn farming and homesteading skills such as gardening, canning fruits and vegetables, cooking, milking goats and making cheese, animal husbandry and more.
    The program is kept small, between one and ten girls at any one time. We try to keep the program small in order to ensure that each girl gets personal attention and so that a family atmosphere is created. Flip Flop Ranch is not an "institution" and doesn't have that institutional feel. We want each woman in our program to feel like she is a loved sister or daughter and not a patient.
    Contact us for more info [email protected]

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    Where is this? What a great idea!

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