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    farmer markets and inspections.i thought you had to be at least state inspected to sell.....i know the rules are different for each state,.....i live in georgia....can somebody set me straight...maybe someone who does the processing...??????
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    The Georgia Egg Law governs the production and sale of eggs. The egg processing facility must be licensed by GDA unless selling restricted eggs. Most eggs sold at Farmers’ Markets will be considered “restricted eggs.” That simply means that the eggs are being sold from the producer’s own flock directly to the consumer (end-user), each sale involving less than 30 dozen eggs from a flock of less than 3,000. However, all eggs offered for sale must be graded by a certified grader and appropriately packaged and labeled in accordance to the GA Egg Law and GA Food Act, rules and regulations. So, even though a small scale egg producer is not required to have a food sales establishment license and therefore undergo routine inspections, the small scale egg producer is required to abide by State regulations, which include obtaining an egg grader’s certificate (or candling license). Contact your respective District Office to request class information.

    Basic Regulatory Requirements for Licensing a Small Egg Producer
    Georgia Egg Law & Supporting Regulations

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