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    Not sure if this is posted in the right spot, please feel free to move it if I misplaced it...

    My little farm just got invited to a brand new very local farmers market, (yay for me!), anywho, I don't know the laws and regulations here in California for selling food products and I am having a very hard time figuring them out, I keep finding contradictory info and almost NO info for California specifically.

    I asked the people hosting the FM and they stated all I needed was a business license.

    I will be selling live and processed animals, as well as things like Jams and Marmalades.

    I need help figuring out what exactly I am supposed to have for this to be done legally.

    Thanks a bunch in advance for any help!
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    Check with your Dept of Agricultural for the rules and regs. I suspect if you're going to sell live/processed animals you'll need more than just a license! You'll probably have to have inspections if you wish to process them "on site" (your farm) for your customers.
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