FarmTek poultry nipples


Flock Mistress
10 Years
Apr 14, 2009
Benton (Saline County) AR
I have 4 FarmTek poultry nipples that my birds never learned how to use so......if someone wants a small amount without paying FarmTek's huge shipping's your chance!

2- orange plastic "super flow" all one piece nipples. Drill a 3/4" starter hole and screw them in. (these:;pgwc1030.html )
I would like to recoup the cost on these, $2 each.

2-stainles steel high-flow 3-piece nipples. I drilled a 3/4" hole for them and had to use feflon plummer's tape to seal them in. (these:;pgwc1050.html )
Again, $2 each.

I can probably ship them all for $1 so that should cover it.


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