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Sep 9, 2019
My husband and I have had chickens since 2010 or so. We have lost a few to possums, raccoons, voles and old age. We finally wised up and got a really good chicken run with a skirt and welded 1"square wire attached to a nice sturdy wire pole armature with a pitched roof. We used to let them out more but it seems keeping them mostly in the 10'x13' run is safer for them in the long run. My husband is a horticulturist with a masters degree so we have a huge organic garden with raised beds and lots of edible landscaping fruit trees. I am always looking for what to do with all of the herbs, vegetables and fruits he grows. I came across your blog looking for what to do with this bumpy crook neck squash that we have lots of and there was someone with the same exact issue. Hooray!


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