Farsighted hen?


12 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Franklinton, NC
I have a young(4 month) old BO hen. She is super sweet and the first one to come running for food.....the problem is she rarely gets the treats....she tries but misses. Does she just have poor eye/mouth coordination or is she farsighted? Should I be concerned?
I have one like that too. She is an EE with big cheek muffs. I think they impair her vision, so we have been keeping them clipped short, but she is still kinda far sighted. she does fine with a plate of food, like crumbles or scrambled eggs, but scratch, or bugs, or small bits of food, she almost never gets. I try to make sure there is an extra plate of any nutritious food, so she gets her share.
That's so funny I have a 4 month old EE as well that definately is far sighted. She tries so hard to pick up raisins off the run floor. She stabs and stabs and stabs at them but just can not seem to pick them up individually. If I try to give them to her in my hand with an open palm she inevitably grabs my finger tips. Solution to this problems is to put clumps of raisins down that she can grab and run to corner of run with while I try to keep the others occupied. It works sometimes but she definitely doesn't get her share of this particular treat. She is a good weight and otherwise in great health.
The eye sight may explain why she squeals whenever I pick her up. Maybe I surprise her because she doesn't see so well.. Who knows. She's been like that ever since I got her at 8 weeks old.
I have a BR that also has this problem, I call her my "special needs girl". She can't see to jump up on the roost so every night we go out and put her there with her flock mates. She has paid us back by being the first of our girls to lay an egg and was the only one laying for 2 weeks before the others started, go Penelopy:weee
LOL yours is not the only broken chicken. We think ours is near sighted. as she always freaks out when she gets to far from the coop or the other girls.
Wow that's dedication. I'll consider myself lucky that mine is only compromised in the treat department.
Maybe you could get her some prescription chickie peepers.lol

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