Fasteners for the new treated lumber


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May 2, 2010
Has anyone ever had any nails or screws or washers for that matter corode using the newer copper impregnated treated lumber? While building my coop(which is not yet finished) everywhere a nail is going to be in contact with the treated lumber I have been using galvanized nails specially made for the new treated lumber. Supposedly you can not use the older type of galvanized fasteners with it as it will's an electrolysis thing... I have heard one story from a trusted source that after this new copper impregnated lumber was first introduced someone used the older type galvanized nails to build a treated lumber walkway or something similar and after 6 months the heads of the nails popped right off. They do now make special galvanized nails and screws for this and also stainless fasteners can be used without any ill effects.
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I'm not sure what the actual question was, but I have absolutely zero reason to disbelieve the manufacturers' statement that you have to use appropriate fasteners for ACQ lumber, as it obviously DOES contain pretty corrosive compounds and even the old CCA lumber would 'eat' poorly-galvanized or plain hardware.

So yes, by all means, do make sure that the hardware you are using is explicitly rated for ACQ.

I am in construction, and Yes you do have to use the correct nails. The treated lumber will destroy untreated nails and fasteners.
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