Fastest Growing chickens for meat?


10 Years
May 4, 2012
Keller, VA
I am new and still learning so pls have patience. This thread may even be in the wrong place.

I know that white rock x are fast growing. Also know that Orpingtons and Rocks grow pretty fast, too. I would like to raise my own table birds from my own eggs. I have just recently begun to acquire chicks to raise for a small flock. Which breed of chicken would you say grows the fastest for meat?
Cornish rock X are bred specifically for rapid weight gain and good conversion rate of feed. There can be, however, some problems involved in raising them. I would suggest going to the meat bird section and scrolling through the threads that are there.
I don't want White Rock x's for that specific reason. I just would like to know the fastest growing chickens for meat that I can raise from eggs.
Well you have a good many choices
For crosses you have,

Heavy Cornish Crosses 7 wks - 5.25 lbs
White Cornish Rock Giant 9 wks - 4.50 lbs
Colored Meat Breeds 10 wks - 4.50 lbs
- Red
- Black
- Grey
Colored Ranger Breeds 10 wks - 4.50 lbs
- Kosher King
- Red Bro
- Yellow
- Black
- Tricolor MPF Catalog.pdf

Thanks a ton. I went to the meat bird site and found a lot of good info there including some links to other peoples blogs. I now think I know what to do.

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