Fat chicken?


Mar 1, 2018
Meeker, Colorado
How do I know if my chicken is fat? I have an Orpington who is VERY fluffy and petite but I worry about her weight. She is the only one of my chickens that has a full feeling breast area. I can feel the Keel bone just fine. The other chickens have a bit of a protruding Keel bone and fairly skinny breast area. They've been checked for worms and are fine, just young and skinny. I do not see her at the food bowl excessively. They eat organic layer crumble free feed and occasionally get a little lettuce, watermelon etc... She's like a little puff ball and is the sweetest thing ever. Lol I'm hoping that it's an Orpington thing maybe.
Orpingtons tend to chunk out more than most other breeds. Its not abnormal, nor do I think its unhealthy for them from what I've observed in my own.

I used to have one hen, Butters, who was the fattest little chick I'd ever seen. She was a little chunk from the very beginning. She got her name from the way she'd try to sun herself - she'd lay over on her side like any chicken, but then she'd keep slowly spreading out until her chunk had finally reached its point of equilibrium with gravity, like a melting wad of butter.

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