Father in hospital. Trying to find ways for him to contact 911 if he cant reach phone.

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    My father got taken to the hospital yesterday by ambulance. His defibrillator saved his life 12 times by shocking his heart. He called for the ambulance and crawled outside to wait on them. He is doing better but my sister and me are trying to figure out ways for him to get a hold of 911 if he can't make it to the house phone or if there is a power outage which happens a lot in his house during storms.

    Are there any options cheaper than Life Alert? We know that only works in the house so my sister is looking into maybe getting him a Straight Talk phone with a belt carrier incase he isn't at home.

    He is 70 and has been having heart problems more often each year. I live 14 hours away and have an 8 month old son so I can't rush off to be there to watch over him. My parents are separated so it is just my sister really looking after him.
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    So if the life alert is too much the straight talk is about
    the only option you have left if no one lives with him
    as I know this is a real problem,,,, I myself lost my
    father several years ago and he was only 86 years
    old and we were trying to get him to get the life alert
    but what can a person do ......

    I hope he recovers soon [​IMG]

    gander007 [​IMG]
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    Thanks for the info. My sister found a type of free phone for seniors with 300 minutes on it. She's going to get that and look into other medical alert systems that might be cheaper.

    My father is currently 70 but has had heart problems since I was young.
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    try the phone company or the local agency on aging.

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