Fattening up extra Roos

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by Ashdoes, Nov 15, 2013.

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    So after our Silkie hatched out 4 of her own eggs, we realized she wasn't breeding with the Silkie Roo, but the Cohin Roo. Her daughters are pretty little things that should give us plenty of eggs, but her boys have to go. There are two, just at 5 months. I would like to fatten them up a bit, in the next two weeks.
    Any suggestions? I feed FF. Was wondering if we should cage them up, or just continue to let them roam, although they don't do that much at all. Lazy little things.

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    I honestly don't think anything you're going to do is going to make a difference in 2 weeks on a silkie/cochin carcass. Even 2 months, they're just not going to be much meat. I guess if you gave them a lot of corn you could get them to put a fat pad on at the base of the tail, but as far as adding an appreciable amount of meat, I just don't see it happening. Just butcher them and have some great soup, enchiladas, chix and dumplings, whatever.

    Edited-- you could feed them M&Ms. If I ate M&Ms for 2 weeks solid, I'd sure gain weight [​IMG]

    but really--I think what you've got now is pretty much what you're going to have.
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    [​IMG] So, what did you do? Fatten em up?

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