Faux Copper Black Marns Pullet for sale, So Cal, Norco/Riversside

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Riverside/Norco, CA
    I have a great little pullet for sale that might work out for someone who can only have hens and is not interested in breeding, but just wants dark eggs from a nice, copper black, feather legged hen at a reasonable price. Her father is a copper black marans, and her mother is a black clean legged marans. She looks just like a copper black, and will lay just like a copper black, but she will not breed true regardless of which variety you cross her on. She will have both clean legged and feather legged chicks, and both solid black and copper black babies. She would however work out well as a project hen for someone trying to make feather legged golden cuckoos or nice olive eggers. She is about four months old and just barely starting to get some pink color around her eyes. She should start to lay in a month or two. $30.

    Here is her father


    and here is the mother


    and she hatched from an egg that looks like the one on the left. I will sell you this pullet for $30 to anyone who is interested. Local pickup only.


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