Fav Roo is dead!?


13 Years
May 29, 2010
I just found my fav little Roo dead. The white/black one that was sick and had to live indoors for awhile.
He was in the front part of the coop right near the human door. Looks more like he just collapsed dead. Head curled to the side, wings mostly tucked to his sides, laying flat on his belly, his feet parallel behind him, toes curled slightly.
No blood, no feathers missing, neck feathers were up like when 2 birds size each other up. All others were up roosting, my other barred rock Roo came down after I moved the body right out the door. He went up to it and looked it over a few times, standing real close, then slowly walked back into the coop. No idea if he knew it was dead or what.
When I had the others locked up, I looked him over again, rigor mortises had set in already, wiped his face since it was covered in mushy food. Light brown goo oozed out of his head.

What the heck happened?


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I can't tell you what happened. if he wasn't sick, sometimes they just die...

it always happens to the favorites though...
I'm sorry for your loss....

at least he had a great life... alot of roos would love the chance
He has the prettiest feathers, so soft too. If I didn't think taxidermy was gross, I'd have him stuffed..heh
We need a better 'sad/crying' smileys...

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