Faverolle chicks - easily sexed!

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    I am SO jazzed! I went to Feathersite and reviewed all the info there about Salmon Faverolles, and FINALLY figured out what the difference is between the male and female chicks! Everywhere else, there was just this or that mention of "due to the color difference." Well, that just wasn't helpful enough for me. But Feathersite rocked it.

    Of the five Salmon Faverolle chicks I hatched nearly a week ago, 3 are pullets! [​IMG]

    Now, if only there was as easy a way to sex the five FBCM chicks the same age.... or the little gray chick.... or the Buckeye chick... or that fat & fluffy little black and light chick.

    I usually have to wait until an OBVIOUS (and I do mean obvious) comb develops and I have another chick of the same breed where a comb doesn't develop to be able to tell the sex of any of the straight run chicks I've either purchased or hatched. [​IMG]

    And the six Jersey Giants about 5.5 weeks old... lordy. They all look like little emus, they're so big for their ages. Either they're all roos, or four of them are roos. The number I guess at varies each time I look at them.
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