Faverolle rooster balance issue???

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    My faverolle rooster seems to have a balancing issue heres the strange part(s) he walks forward fine, he can jump onto high places with no problem,he eats fine,drinks fine,he can elude me when i try to catch him if he sees fit,he crows, seems by all accounts to be fine...Now the issue, he loses balance going backwards to the point of being belly up on occasion, if he gets pushed to the side i've seen him actually roll over, when he was younger i noticed when he tried to mount the hens he had trouble i thought this was lack of coordination because of his age but hes still unable at 8mos due to this balance issue. I have checked his feet (nothing) checked his legs(good strength pushing/pulling) i added broiler booster to his water for the biotin thinking of leg weakness but does'nt seem to be improving just remains the same. I read that this could be an ear infection but not sure how to check other than looking at it which i will do shortly and take a whiff see if its funky. Any ideas on this???? Something im overlooking?? Just wanted to state this is not progressing just staying the same nor improving . My jersey giant showed some leg issues but the broiler booster cleared his up within a week. (sammy) as i call him didnt seem to benefit from it, hes currently housed with my hens as i dont have to worry about him breeding and the hens out rank him and make sure they remind him every chance they get not to the point where hes being picked on but they keep him in check if he tries to breed i can't keep him in the bachelor pad because he can't defend himself with this issue.Tried to search on this but most results don't compare with what he's showing . Thanks

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