Faverolles - Pair of U of A Salmon Faverolles Hatched February 3, 2013 - AUCTION

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    Pair of U of A Salmon Faverolles

    Hatched February 3, 2013.

    These are from the flock of the University of Arkansas - Fayettville

    They each have 5 well separated toes.
    Best we can tell with new bifocals and a 9 LED mini flashlight, there are 1 pullet and 1 cockerel. These two are all we hatched and that is insufficient to start a flock with, so we decided we would share them with someone else.


    To bid, respond to this posting with your bid. Include your zip code if you want an estimated shipping cost. DO NOT PM your bids, just respond on the thread.

    Listing ends 9:00 PM CST, Sunday 2/24/13.
    Last bid posted at or before 9:00 PM wins!


    You will receive these along with some assorted “packing peanut” chicks. We will add food and fruit for their trip. Shipping is by Express Mail only. Buyer will pay shipping cost. Birds will be shipped the following Wednesday after PayPal payment is received.

    Express Mail shipping cost should be about $60.00.
    This includes the “packing peanuts” cost.

    However, the winning bidder’s location may cause that to fluctuate up or down a bit. We will PM the winning bidder for their zip code to determine exactly how much shipping cost would be. The estimated cost of $60.00 is based on Maine and the estimated cost of the “packing peanuts.






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