Faverolles x Barred Rock. Sex link?

Is the hen barred? If so, only male chicks will be barred. If the rooster's the Barred rock, then all his offspring'll be barred.

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Yes, the hen is barred and the rooster is a Faverolles. I wasn't sure if a Faverolles wwas considered "solid" or not due to the odd male coloring.


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John you have your short answer from sylviethecochin. If you want to learn more here are some links.
In humans the male has one long, one short chromosome (XY) and the female two long (XX) that determine gender. In chickens The male has two long (ZZ) and the female one long and one short (ZW). So in a recessive trait that is on the sex chromosome the male needs only one copy of the gene for the trait and the female needs two. So the female who is barred always throws a barring gene but if crossed to a non barred male none of her daughters will be barred and all of her sons will be barred.

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