"Favington" bantam in S.F. Bay Area

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    I have a GORGEOUS "Favington" bantam cockerel that I need to sell. His mother is a salmon Faverolles bantam and the father is a black Orpington bantam. This, I'm told, is the ideal "first step" in crossing breeds to put hybrid vigor back into the Faverolles. I think you'd breed him to a Faverolles and do the same for the offspring for a number of generations until you basically have a "pure" Faverolles.


    I may have a pullet (half-sister to cockerel) that I will allow to go with him to sweeten the deal, but she is a "fluke" - a black Orp bantam that hatched out brown and shows only limited green sheen. She's not going to be free but she holds value in that she should begin laying eggs very soon.

    Thanks for looking.

    -Naomi [​IMG]
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