Favorelle Rooster??

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    [​IMG]Hi All!!
    I'm brand new to owning chickens. I tried to do a lot of research and find a breed that would fit for me, my location, and my family. I recently ordered 3 Golden Laced Wyandotte hens, and 3 Salmon Favorelle hens. They are 5 weeks old now. As I said I am new to this so I could be very wrong, but I have a feeling that one of my favorelles is actually a rooster. "Her" attitude is so different. She braver than the other two, and not as afraid of me. As far as looks- she is much darker on her chest and wings, almost completely black. Her comb is more prominent than the others as well. I already tried to contact the company. They have a 100% guarantee on their site, currently just waiting on someone to get back to me. If I could just get the opinion of someone else maybe it would help. I don't really know how having a rooster will change my flock.

    I'll attach a few photos. Please excuse the mess, the ladies had a little party in their coop the first day I put them in it.
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    If you google a Salmon Faverolles rooster, you can see they have a lot of black feathers were as the hens don't have any. I had a black Australorp who turned out to be a rooster and we noticed early on because of his prominent comb and waddles, whereas our Australorp hen's comb and wattles were hardly developed. I would say there may be a good chance that he is a rooster but I've never owned a Faverolles. Hope this helps. [​IMG]
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    Hopefully Keesmom will see this and comment. I don't know what Salmon Faveroles males look like as youngsters. But as adults they have much more/totally different color than the hens. They have a lot of black but not totally. See if you can find a photo of mature male in the breed thread.
  4. For sure a cockerel.

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