Favorite bird ends 10-19-18


Aug 13, 2018
Deer River Minnesota
admit you have that one favorite member of your flock we all do so post a picture of it here your favorite might even be the winner. The top 3 with the most likes will be judged. Rules one bird but you can have more then one picture of the same bird. Set your up like my example below.


Name- ceaser
Gender- male
Breed- golden sebright bantam and full size black austroulop
Why- he is super cute and friendly
Unique features- his breed and he has scissor beak
Other- I am training him using techniques in my article https://www.backyardchickens.com/members/ejtrout31.522476/


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Name: Duckie
Gender: Female
Breed: Silkie mix
Why: She is the calmest and sweetest chicken ever. She walks up to me and gives me the cockeye while clucking as if saying "Hey, gonna cuddle me or not?"
Unique Features: She has five toes on one foot and only four toes on the other. She also only has two little points for her comb
Other: I am entering her in a chicken paegeant on Sunday. She is wearing her paegeant costume in two of the photos
This is Maggie!! I actually just got her a few days ago and I love her so much! She is a white non-bearded silkie.
Gender: female
Why: She is so fluffy and cute. She follows me around outside like a dog. She will Also just fall asleep in my lap.
Unique Features: The only thing unique about her is her personality!!!!!
Other: I will be showing her and another silkie in poultry competitions


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Name: Clara Oswin Oswald
Breed: Easter Egger
Gender: female
Clara jumped into my hand as a chick at the feed store, and informed me I was taking her home, and I am so glad I listened! The most talkative chicken I have ever met, she always has something to say! From a gorgeous chipmunk chick she matured into this gorgeous hen, with a beautiful blue tail and gold in her hackles. Social, talkative, and super friendly, she is the only one of my chickens that allows me to pick her up. She is also a fabulous layer-- started laying at 20 weeks, and lays 13 eggs in 14 days. Easily my favorite on my girls, and my dream is to hatch some eggs from her, if I ever get a broody hen!
This is Prince Charming. A purebred Ayam Cemani with a beautiful defect called copper leakage. He only lived to be a young cockerel as he lost his head to a predator. I have no doubt it happened because he defended the flock. He would even stand between them and my two pit bulls when we first let them walk around together. (They aren’t vicious pups) he was gorgeous and I didn’t care that he wasn’t “perfect”. RIP little buddy.
This is my girl scarlett. She's a new Hampshire red. She's on the move all the time, she's especially fun to watch when dandilon seed blows across the farm, Rushing to capture all that she can. She's a one egg a day layer at 3.5 years old. Even through the winter. She's content to sit in my lap and visit also. My little red hen is the greatest!!:love

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