Favorite breed and why?


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Mar 8, 2015
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I have two different breeds now. I have a favorolle chickens and 2 buff orpingtons one pullet one rooster. My favorolled breed is a very timid breed they don't like being held very much and they are very shy and submit very easily but they're very nice words and it seems like they are do really well with other breeds and letting them into the flock. The buff Orpingtons are really friendly they let me hold them they sit on my lap fall asleep they like to cuddle and they seem very nice as well they're less timid. I'm really enjoying my Buff Orpington.I got chickens mainly for eggs and fun.
What is your favorite breed and why?

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
My favorite is serama bantams. A little chicken with a big personality as the pictures show. A big mouth at times!!! Great pics - if I could get hold of seramas in Kenya my chicken maths would be a terminal condition

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Apr 22, 2015
Serama are great as pets or a hobby. But when they are the size of a pigeon and lay eggs to match they will never make the list for best breed for meat and eggs. They are even too small to be good broody hens as mine are only able to brood a half dozen of their own eggs at a time. This little hen is brooding for the second time in her cereal bowl.



Sep 9, 2015
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I have several breeds. A lavender Orpington rooster, 10 Cinnamon Queen hens, 4 Rhode Island Red hens, and a Cuckoo Marans hen. My favorite is the Lavender Orpington rooster by far. He is a very docile bird. Loves yo be held and tries to perch on my leg whenever possible.


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Dec 15, 2015
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I love Buff Orpingtons and Cochins, simply because of how poofy their feathers are. But honestly, my favorite chickens so far have been the mixed breed chickens, or as my mom likes to call them, mutt chickens.

I like them simply because you have no idea what you're gonna get out of them. Even mixed breed chickens where you do know their parents' breeds turn out different, for example the red stars and black stars. I can tell all of mine apart from just a glance, they all have different plumage, body types and voices. One of my black stars is really loud and obnoxious, while the other one makes lower, quieter sounds. The only problem with mutt chickens is that they may have problems from poor breeding. One of my red stars has became increasingly blind, but I haven't seen any other problems turn up in my mutt chickens. My red star Peepsqueak is afraid of the dark and peeps before going to bed, and she's 2 years old!

My mutt chicken Sweetheart is super nice to people, loves to be picked up and talks to herself too. It's always funny listening to her ramble away. I have never seen a chicken online that looks quite like her and I have no idea what kind of breeds she is from. All I know is that I got her from some unlabeled tub as a chick at Tractor Supply.

My mom loves Cuckoo Marans because of their dark eggs. She also likes Ameraucanas because they are quiet. My first one was really quiet and just peeped when trying to be loud. I don't know, there's so many awesome breeds to choose from.


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Jul 16, 2015
Bantam cochins, straight and frizzled, d'uccle, Ancona, barnvelder, and buff Orpingtons, all are very pretty, the bantams are just adorable little chickens.

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