Favorite chicken CROWS - how to stop?

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Jan 1, 2021
I love this chicken so much! His name is True and he is my favorite of the flock. He comes when called and is so sweet and just a beautiful silkie rooster. Unfortunately, he is a rooster and we live in the city. I WANT TO DO ANYTHING WE CAN TO KEEP HIM as our flock is well-treated and part of the family. I don't think he'd do well if someone else took him but I am open to rehoming him if we need to. The neighbors haven't complained yet but I'd like to avoid that problem before it starts. I am new to chicken raising and I have some questions:
  • How can we stop him from crowing? - he is the only rooster that crows and he only crows when dawn breaks periodically over the period of half an hour as he leads the flock out of the coop
  • If he is removed from the flock, would another rooster take his alpha position and start crowing?
Please help


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Apr 28, 2016
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You can't stop him from crowing. Roosters crow. That is their job.
You can bring him inside at night so that he doesn't crow so early.
You can also put a crow collar on him to make him quieter, but it's dangerous (roosters have died from them), and it's really not nice for the rooster.
If you rehome him, then yes, one of you other roosters will take his place as the alpha and crow instead. If you can't have roosters, and your neighbors complain, then I think your best choice would be to rehome all of them. I know it's hard to do that, but I think it's best for everyone.

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