Favorite Dog Breeds


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Queensland Heeler. Our family loves these dogs. Smart, super loyal, easy to take care of, and eager to please. I also personally would love to have some Irish Wolfhounds :).

And rescue mutts are always good. I have a terrier hound heeler mix (who is also 25% Chihuahua, according to her DNA results), and although she was a bit wild at first and barks/howls a lot at ‘shadows’ at night, she has done an excellent job of finding/flushing out/eradicating rats and rat nests in the yard.


8 Years
Oct 23, 2014
SW Michigan
I'm kind of turning into an English Lab person. Very smart, very friendly, nice size (not too big). I like how they're stouter and more square shaped. I've never owned a Lab in my life so, there's that LOL!

I also am a little dog person. Chihs, Shih Tzus, Yorkie, Poodle etc. I like the little dog mixes too!
I'm thinking of getting a toy breed. Toy Poodle or toy Poodle mix.


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8 Years
Mar 9, 2014
Northern Colorado
My best dog ever was an American Staffordshire.
Smart, loyal, gentle, helped herd the ducks and geese to the barn in snow storms, kept watch on my son at night during asthma attacks, kept a burglar out of the house. I really could not have found a better dog. I miss her.

Currently my pit/husky mix is pretty darn awesome.
Gentle, loyal, picks up on my medical issues before I do, smart as can be, loves to play ball, awesome snuggler.

I love all my dogs but the pits/terriers are very special to me.

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