Favorite Hen is mad at me

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    Today, i was up on the ladder working on the chicken yard (we are expanding from 8x12 to 20x12) and i was getting down, and was on the last rung and i went to step off and i slipped. i didnt fall or anything, but the ladder fell, and if it wasnt for the quick reflexes of my favorite hen, Chloe, it would have landed right on top of her. she is mad at me now. i used to be able to walk right up and pick her up and pet her, but she is a little skittish toward me. even when i give her corn, her favorite, she doesnt want me to touch her. i figure she will forget after a couple days of winning her back over with treats (lol) but i had to share.
  2. If she's anything like my Penny, after a few days you may have to snatch her off the roost one evening and listen to her rant awhile about what happened, but then it will all be better....Cheerios heal anything!!! [​IMG]
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    Jeeper1540 Chillin' With My Peeps

    i think she already forgot. a couple hours later last night she liked me again lol

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