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Chicken Cuddler
9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Conroe, Texas
Because not all good posts can get a sticky, can a Favorites tab be added that would allow each user to save links to their favorite posts for future reference?

Just thought I would ask as some posts are very informative and helpful, but I can't always remember which one I got the good tips from. Yep, I have a poor memory.
Down in the lower left corner of the topic/thread is a link "Subscribe to this topic". Go ahead and check it out now, just scroll down.

If you like the topic and want to revisit it later (without responding), just click on subscribe to this topic.

This will give you an email update when another user posts to the topic and you can revisit any subscribed posts by being on the "Index" page or "Recent Posts" page and scrolling to the bottom of the page, on the left hand side will be links - one of the links is "Subscribed topics" - click to view yours.

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