favourite kitty in hospital and I'm ready to move

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by kinnip, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. kinnip

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Carrollton, GA
    There are many compelling reasons for us to move from the neighborhood we currently inhabit. It really isn't enough room for a farm and the neighbors are crazy nosey, but the cat was the straw that broke the goamel's back. My Monkey is in kitty hospital with a blocked urinary tract. The doc says it's his weight. He's really fat. He's not really fat from the 2/3 c./day of diet food I feed him. He's not the only one either. All of my cats are fat, and all of my cats get the same ration. They're clearly eating elsewhere. I knew my neighbor was putting out cat food several times a day and asked her to stop. She claims that my cats aren't eating it, yeah right! Worse yet, I dropped by a couple of days ago and found out where the dog is getting all these hunks of old meat. This nutter is burying her leftovers in her back yard. The problem is she buries them in a hole no deeper than one of my birds makes taking a dustbath, not exactly dog/cat proof. I'm going to talk to her again, but I'm sure she'll just play dumb and do whatever she feels like doing. The animals have limited access to the great outdoors until we can move the hell out of this craziness. They are not happy and neither am I.
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    I'm sorry that your cat is sick, but if you let them wander, you have to expect that they will get into trouble. I think your neighbor has a right to put food out for her cats and bury her garbage in her own yard. I say this with all due respect, but it isn't like she's coming on to your property and doing these things.
    It sounds like you would do better in a more remote location if you like your animals to be able to wander unsupervised. I hope you find a better location.
  3. Buff Hooligans

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    Jun 11, 2007
    Kinnip, my Joseph manages to be 21 lbs even on the restricted kibble we give him every day (in accordance with vet's advice). We don't feed wet food or people food, and only 3 treat bits a day (broken in half to get the most behavioral milage). He still manages to look like a linebacker.

    Anyway, I feel for you. I'm dreading the day Joey has health problems.
  4. HennysMom

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    awe Kinnip I'm so sorry your kitty is sick [​IMG]

    Mine has a food obsession (literally - he's OCD about food) and we refused to put him on meds for the OCD as it would change his attitude/personality too much, so we ended up putting him on some RX kibble that is restricted diet but works the kidney issues too. (its not Iams... so maybe Science Diet R/D I think, I'm actually out at the moment so I cant recall). I know a 40 lb bag is about $50.00 from my vet and its higher in fiber vs. protein to help curb his hunger longer. He gets 1/2 a cup a day in 1/4 cup increments (he's a grazer) along with 1 small can of Fancy Feast (w/out wheat gluten in it).

    He was up to 18 lbs (bad for him as his breed has hip issues) so Vet told me to take him off the R/D kibble for now and put him on Atkins for kitties (all canned) - 3 small cans a day. He's lost 3 lbs so far in about 3 weeks now and is doing good. I just started the kibble back again, but only 1/4 cup a day now (not much at all) because he's still hungry all the time.

    He would literally eat 24/7 if we let him. He flips the spoons/forks out of your hand he is THAT food obsessed -its insane. [​IMG]
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    Feb 11, 2008
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    You might have to keep the animals out her yard. Wandering animals usually find a way to get into trouble.
  6. kinnip

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    Feb 24, 2008
    Carrollton, GA
    Thanks. The animals are on lockdown right now. The neighbor and I have had a few discussions about the food. She's actually putting food out for my cats, hers eat inside. In fact, I just found out she's been letting them into her house. She had a good chuckle when I came down there worried because one of them missed mealtime at my house. Apparently, he took his supper there. She's said she will stop. Insofar as the trash burying goes, she can do whatever she wants in her yard. I just don't want to live next to it, nor do I want to hear the constant complaints about coons, coyotes, stray dogs and possums hanging out in her yard. We stopped our trash pickup service because she complained it was drawing dogs. She's still drawing dogs. We just need a lot more land. There's a little more than an eighth of a mile between our house and hers. The animals rarely went down there until she started feeding them. She claims that she thought my fatties were strays, even though she's cat-sitted for me. She is older. I guess her memory isn't the proverbial steel trap.

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