Fawkes laid her first egg today! Pictures and a story...

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    May 5, 2011
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    We got our nest boxes ready-just in time-two days ago-with the pine shavings and easter eggs-two orange ones and one green one. Fawkes was checking it out yesterday and she kicked the green egg out of the box-but no egg yesterday. This morning she laid the cutest little egg! [​IMG]


    This is Fawkes. She is a Golden Comet and she will be 16 weeks old in two days.

    It's just a tiny little egg. The cutest egg I have ever seen! [​IMG]


    The best part of this little egg story is that...My son Josh built our coop and made *many* modifications on it over the course of the summer. Fawkes is the only chicken whose name he picked out-and he guessed she would be the first to lay an egg...Fawkes laid this egg on his first day of medical school. Two exciting things in one day! [​IMG]

    This is a picture of Josh and the coop he built-before the last modification, which was to cover the run and make it tall enough to stand in.

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    Congrats on both... [​IMG]
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    What a great story. Congrats [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Congrats on the egg and on Josh going to med school!!! [​IMG]
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    Jul 22, 2011
    Congrats! [​IMG]

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