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Sep 16, 2007
crockett, texas
originally i posted this to get rid of some quail feathers to a collector or fly tier. decided that if ya have feathers to sell or trade or whatever just post it here.
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its not big it was only 4 quail. i have it in a gallon zip lock bag. if it were packed tight id say it would fill a sandwich bag
Thank you for replying
i have 2 new colors white pekin duck and burnt orange from a crossbreed. ive decided to charge a dollar per single bag all colors. ill have a few more including rhose island red and ameraucana. each bag is a snack (3 1/2" x 6 1/2") bag suffed full. send a dollar per bag per color along with a padded sase envelope to my address pm for the address. i also have more quail feathers and these are 99 percent hackle and body feathers. there may be flight feathers thrown in for variety but not many.
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i think this would be a good thread to have up so im gonna retitle it. all feather traders you can post here if thats cool with everybody

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