Feather follicle infection leading to bumble foot? Need Help!

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    Oct 22, 2011
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    My Sultan Roo was getting picked on by out two Rhode Island Reds. They picked out quite a few of his feet feathers, and once they started bleeding they wouldn't stop messin with him. I have brought him into the house, and noticed that along his leg where the quill part of the feather enters the skin, is very irritated and swolen. I noticed quite a few feathers broke close to the skin and were black. I feared that some of the feathers were rotting or infected so I pulled the ones I could get a hold of. Out of the fillicles I was able to get a hold of only a couple out of about ten seemed to be healthy follicles, the rest just released a black feather like fiber and broke closer to the skin or were just a black fillicle and in no way looked healthy. There are also a couple of areas about 2/3 the size of a marble that are swollen. So ultimately what I am wanting to know is, could the picking of his feet feathers led to an infection of the feather follicles, and possible bumble foot in the small swollen areas? I need Help I am currently giving him antibiotics in his water as well as vitamins and electrolytes. Also before I pulled the broke feathers I soaked his legs in epsom salts. I have also given him a bath. Do I need to remove the rest of the black follicles, and lance the swollen areas? He is in a cage in my basement for the time being, going crazy if we turn off the tv! I know alot of the redness up and down his leg could just be inflamation from the hens picking at him, but hope its not infected all the way up. Please any input into this little guy's problem is greatly appreciated. [​IMG]

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    I have seen this problem discussed on here before regarding those feather-footed breeds. Unfortunately, this is a problem not in my wheelhouse, so I can't be of any assistance. I am going to give you a bump so hopefully someone more knowledgeable will help you out.

    Good luck.

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