Feather leggs Straight comb Ear tufts and four toes what breed am I ??


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May 17, 2008
Lee co. KY
Can`t figure out what breed and color these guys are.The person I got them from had forgotten .They are 6 to 7 months old feather leggs four toes and about 8" tall .
Any and all help is greatly appreciated . I have two roos and they are identical .
I was leaning more to D'uccle but still not sure .
So I've added more pics . Heres the other roo .

Heres the hen the other is identical .
notice ear tufts .
Thanks For the comments... But is it possible they are a new color of D'uccle because both pr. are identical and you usually don't see that in a mix breed?
I have two hens and two roos and as you can see by the pics of the roos they are identical the first photo is of one and the second pic is the other. The hens are identical as well but I only have one pictured.
Either way I am happy They are great Keep in mind too they are young I was told 7-8 months but they aren't laying and she will get prettier with the next molt.... Very friendly little guys though. Not sure on the age I'm still thinking 5-6 months

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