feather loss and maybe weight loss?

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    May 10, 2013
    Hi folks. I have 8 hens, different breeds, all about 11 months old. My barred rock suddenly has a bare breastbone . . . she feels lighter than I think she should, but she always has (I'd always assumed she'd be one of the bigger girls). I see no signs/symptoms of mites/parasites. I have not observed anyone picking on or at her. She also has fairly poopy feathers below her vent (though not blocking it or anything), which I've been hoping she'd dust bathe and solve on her own (but hasn't). When I was poking and prodding her, she almost seemed to wheeze, but has had no sneezing or coughing or nasal discharge. Her comb and wattles are bright red (normal) and she's been laying pretty much daily. She had minor frostbite on her comb in early December, but healed now. No one has yet been broody, or acting broody. My Buff Orpington also feels a little bare along her breastbone and is also a lightweight. Her feathers are all clean, and no wheezy anything with her. How concerned should I be? Thought or suggestions welcome! Thanks.

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    The bare breastbone could just be broody hormones kicking in and doing their thing. Even hybrid layers who never go broody or exhibit any maternal instincts whatsoever can still get that bare breast, and in my limited experience with them every single one I had developed that bare breast. But unlike hens who actually go broody, these girls didn't grow back their breast feathers.
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