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    We have 50 Cornish x-rock chicks. This is our first time raising these. I also have 25 RIRs which we've raised in the past successfully. I'm using the same bedding for both and the x-rocks brooder box is plenty big enough for them but for some reason only the x-rocks are losing their feathers on their chest. It almost looks like they've been laying or rubbing against something rough. The x-rocks are outside in a building with a heat lamp to keep them warm and they are spread out, some under the light, some not so I don't think they are too cold or too hot. I am feeding them higher protein feed than what I'm feeding the RIRs. What could be causing them to lose their chest/stomach feathers? Also, since they grow a lot faster than RIRs can I drop the temp of their brooder box a little quicker than say the recommended for normal chicks?
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    It's very common for the CX to be bald on the belly or chest. They spend a lot more time laying down than other breeds do, and with their weight the feathers just don't come in as well. Doesn't seem to effect them at all, in fact it's less plucking [​IMG]

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