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    Oct 20, 2019
    I purchased 6 Frosted White Legbars from them 3+ months ago and have been trying to get a reply regardless the birds having black feathers in them.
    They told me at first them 10 years ago or so they bred with the chickens that have the very longgg tail feathers and that might be why but not sure. All the 6 have 1 or more black feathers. Members in FB groups are telling me there’s no such chicken as Frosted... only White Legbars and I was taken. They where $39.00 a chick.
    Talk about false selling..
    I’ve emailed them at least 10 times but no reply. they have a chat screen and again I’ve left tons of messages but no reply.
    I haven’t called them yet but plan to on Monday. It really ticks me off.

    What can I do about this matter.

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    Nov 12, 2018
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    There are Frost White Legbars, but not Frosted. I looked them up, they're a real thing. It sounds to me like the hatchery you got them from just has crappy response service. As for the black feathers, I would assume it's natural. The most likely reason they're so expensive is because they're a fairly recent kind of Legbar, I'd assume. And based on my research, you got them for a good price!
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