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May 30, 2014
I have a silver laced Wyandotte who goes around picking others on their butt, no others doing it , I put her in chicken jail, for a week, let her out and she’s right back at picking, what to do?
Either it's a protein deficiency, or she's bored. If it's become a habit it will take longer than a week to break it, more like months being separated.

What are you feeding? Protein amount of your feed? Extras?

How big is you set up? Size? Number of birds?
Layer crumbles 12 chickens, 10x20 coop, 12x24 run
I personally have had troubles on a layer. I like to feed a higher protein feed, 18-22% with a separate bowl of oyster shells for the calcium needs. I personally feed an All Flock ration, or a non medicated starter grower. Could be she's craving protein. You can also give some higher protein treats from animal sources like cottage cheese, scrambled eggs or canned fish.

Hopefully between getting more protein, and perhaps separating her for a few weeks will put an end to it.
They get eggs a couple of times a week, she the only one that picks feathers, she’s the only one that has a full butt of feathers, she’s just a bad seed.
Put her cage 2 weeks let her out starting doing it again, picked her up right away and put her back in cage kept her in for another week let her out today watched them for a couple hours no problem, she won’t even look at another chickens butt!

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