Feather Plucking, Maybe?

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    I have four 11 week old biddies. One is for sure a cockerel. I'm suspicious of a 2nd, although most I've asked say pullet. They're on 18% grower crumbles. Right now, they're in a 6x3x2 temporary pen while we try to finish the hoop coop. I work during the week and husband is on short term disability with a back injury, so he's limited on what and how much he can do. I REALLY want these guys in that coop, but it has to be safe and ready for them first.

    I have NOT seen any plucking behaviors but I'm also not able to watch them for extended periods. They could be doing it during the day while I'm at work.

    There are no bare patches on any of the birds, but I'm seeing new feathers laying around their pen daily. Mostly of the speckled sussex. It's not just the little down feathers, but more of the "adult" feathers. Is it possible that there's a plucker in there? Or is this something that's semi-naturally occurring while they're younger? I don't know how to phrase the search term to find out about this without bringing up resources from folks who have problems with birds that have been plucked to having hare flesh.

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    Chicks go through multiple molts until they reach about 4-6 months when they get their adult feathers so that could be what you are seeing. Pecking from being left in the brooder too long usually involves head or vent pecking and will mostly involve pecking enough to draw blood and make wounds.
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    Thanks for the insight :)

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