Feather sexing chicks (bantams)


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Jan 11, 2012
I am researching how to feather sex 3-7 week old chicks. My local feed store is selling them at easter time, but they aren't sexed, just in a bin with food and water... I looked at hatcheries and mypetchicken.com and they are straight run for hatcheries and where i live, i need a minimum of 6 bantams for mypetchicken.com. I already have had to get rid of a roo and his "girlfriend". I have that roos are braver, generally bigger, and have bigger combs. Are there anymore tricks or tips? Thanks for any reply!

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Cami Wammi Bammi
Well, I've been studying this a bit on the interwebs, and it's my impression that if you want to feather sex chicks, it only works the first few days of life, and it's only certain breeds that it works on.

Here's one video that talks about it:
It only works on chicks that were bred to be feather sexed. Not every chick can be feather sexed. Just like red links and amber links, feather sexing is a breeding technique.

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