Feather sexing Spitzhauben**PICS**


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Jan 12, 2007
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As Carla TX told me, take a good look at their wattles and combs around two months of age, its a good indicator of roosters vs pullets.

Mine are almost two months old and got at least four that are roosters and the rest of them are either pullets or unknown sex.

I noticed the roosters got more white on their bodies than the pullets which they still got their spangle spots. I was doing comparison with Ideal Spitz pullets with Carlas OK Spitzhaubens. Their neck feathers are more whiter too. And pointed saddle and neck feathers too!

I still keeping them to see what they come out to be. Its a matter of time!


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Feb 2, 2008
Glen Rock, PA
Thanks so much for the info. I also got my eggs from Carla and her stock must be just fantastic. These peeps are so strong, so sassy and really smart.
PS--These peeps are the cutest I have ever seen. So much personality.

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