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    Gonna try again. Hatched 4 of 12 eggs in my incubator that my broody Cochin gave up on. Been dabbling with some feather sexing and I think I got it, unless Mother Nature decides to tell me I am wrong.

    2 Cochins (splash in colour)
    1 Australorpe
    1 Light Brahma

    All standard size. These chicks are now 4 weeks old.

    According to my findings with the feather sexing thing, the Austalorpe and Light Brahma are pullets

    According to my findings with the Cochins, one is a pullet, one a cockeral

    With the Cochins there is clearly still a difference, beginning with the difference in the primary and covert feathers (under 72 hours of age), the shoulder feathers and the tail feathers. Now if these findings hold true when the other differences begin to show, I feel comfortable that definitely the Cochins can be feather-sexed. Not sure about the other two breeds, but again, that time will tell that tale.

    Does anyone know for sure what breeds of chickens can be feather sexed, by your own personal experiences or through research, I would surely like to know. Please elaborate. Have a wonderful day, CynthiaM.

    I have these breeds of birds, all standard, with SLW, the Cochins and Brahmas in the incubator as we speak. I would really like to do more feather sexing, for clear and obvious reasons.

    Light Brahma
    Cochin, (Blue, Black and Buff)
    Silver and Gold Laced Wyandotte
    Buff Orpington
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