feathered leg marans - do they moult leg scales??? or does he have scaley leg mites?????

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    Aug 18, 2011
    10 month old marans roo. His leg scales are not raised or rough looking at all - but it appears that there are a few missing within the feather line down his legs.
    Where the scales are 'missing', the skin where they were is red - almost raw looking. These aren't good pictures - it was dark enough in the coop that I was shooting blind until the flash went off.
    Can you see enough to have an idea what I'm talking about? These makes it look like there are long, almost bloody areas but it's really clearly outlined scale spaces that are smooth and level with the scales next to them - but tender looking and red. And, it's ONLY under the feathers. There isn't a single red spot on the clean side of his legs.
    Should I treat as if he has scaley leg mites???


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