Feathered legs on an EE??


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Nov 6, 2009
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I was out taking pics of my EE, Blondie, because she has something going on with her face.(posted under "stinky face" in Emergencies, Injuries, Diseases/Cures). Anyway, while I was looking her over, I noticed that she was growing feathers on her feet and legs!! She is about 7 months and is from MPC. I realize that EE are a hybrid, or mutt, so is this normal that some of them can develop feathered legs? I tried taking pics, but couldn't get any good ones up close, camera was being stupid(or maybe it was the camera operator
) One of her feet has a little fuzzy feather between the toes, and the other leg has 5 or 6 little shaft starts on it. Thanks for any input!
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not normal for EE's really, but can happen as you noted, they are mutts. A show bird that is supposed to be clean legged would get docked points for "stubs" if a feather was found on the legs.
Anything can be normal for EE's, as they are mutts.
Just as long as there's some Ameraucana, Araucana, or other colored egg layer behind them somewhere.

Little shafts are indeed sort of a bad thing though, despite the fact that you're certainly not going to show the bird.

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