Feathered legs on an EE??

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  1. I was out taking pics of my EE, Blondie, because she has something going on with her face.(posted under "stinky face" in Emergencies, Injuries, Diseases/Cures). Anyway, while I was looking her over, I noticed that she was growing feathers on her feet and legs!! She is about 7 months and is from MPC. I realize that EE are a hybrid, or mutt, so is this normal that some of them can develop feathered legs? I tried taking pics, but couldn't get any good ones up close, camera was being stupid(or maybe it was the camera operator [​IMG]) One of her feet has a little fuzzy feather between the toes, and the other leg has 5 or 6 little shaft starts on it. Thanks for any input!
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    not normal for EE's really, but can happen as you noted, they are mutts. A show bird that is supposed to be clean legged would get docked points for "stubs" if a feather was found on the legs.
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    Anything can be normal for EE's, as they are mutts. [​IMG] Just as long as there's some Ameraucana, Araucana, or other colored egg layer behind them somewhere.

    Little shafts are indeed sort of a bad thing though, despite the fact that you're certainly not going to show the bird.
  4. Quote:Are they bad in a health aspect, or just the quality of the bird? If it is just breed quality, no biggie to me. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Ya, agree with you, there may be something wrong with it..

  6. Quote:Ya, agree with you, there may be something wrong with it..

    Like what? I'm a little worried now that there is something wrong her. [​IMG]

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