Feathers gone from breast


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9 Years
Feb 28, 2010
We have inherited some Buff Orphington chickens, and one of our girls is feeling punk. She is staying in the nesting box, when typically she is the sassy one out looking for food etc. When I just picked her up - I see that a lot of feathers are gone from her breast. I don't see a pile of feathers anywhere - and I'm reasonably sure that she has not been attacked. A week and a half ago - we lost one of her pals, no lost feathers - but just didn't come out of the coop - and was dead the next day - so I'm really worried. Any suggestions on what I should do?

Thank you so much -


Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

Fluffy Feather Farm
12 Years
Jan 26, 2010
Texas, Panhandle
She is broody.
She will only get up once or twice a day to eat drink etc. Don't be worried is she looses weight or if her feathers get all dull and dirty it is normal for a broody to be like that. And she is probably picking her feathers out herself it's normal. Good Luck.

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