Feathers missing, female? Male? Pics provided. HELP!!!

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    This lady bird's tail feathers have been plucked out (the longer looking ones [pic 1]), and one of my rosters has tail feathers missing too (Unless it is a hen?) [pic 2] (Assuming they've being plucked out by other chickens) There are multiple feathers on the coop floor. I am hoping there are only ladies in the coop because we had lots of rooster's who are separate in their own coop far from them. I have a hen house and a rooster house (I will be killing all roosters next week) both averaging 15 in each. There are only a couple more birds that i'm a little weary about and i will post pictures of them also. (it's not molting because this has been going on for a while) All these birds (TOTAL 29) are 4 months old.

    Pic 3
    Pic 4

    Please HELP!! I feel so bad for these chickens.
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    It looks like your only cockerel is in the second picture. They're all so pretty. [​IMG]

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