Feathers on chicks? *Pics*


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place. I just hatched eggs. Their wing feathers are starting to grow in. I don't know the breeds of them. 4 of the chicks are growing feathers but 1 of the chicks are growing fuzz. Like the fuzzy stuff it has right now. Is that normal? The pictures are kinda blurry but maybe you can get what I'm saying. Basically instead of growing in feathers its growing in fuzz. Oh by the way, in the second picture the black line things are the quills.

Here is one of the chicks feathers growing in-

Here is the one chicks fuzz growing-
The second picture is really blurry. The chick is 2 days old. When the other were 2 days old (they are around 2-5) I could see feathers. This is the only chick I see fuzz..
I have seen in threads here that hens get feathers first on their wings, other then that I am no help. Maybe this answered your question? I am still a bit confused on what you where asking. Cute chick !

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