Feds Failing To Act On Antibiotic Resistance Despite Grave Threat, Health Advocates Warn

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    Authorities generally agree that the predicament [increased incidences of antibiotic-resistant infections in humans] is a result of antibiotic overuse in both humans and animals. As the appeals court noted in its opinion, "for each dose of antibiotics given to humans for medical purposes, four doses are given to livestock for non-medical reasons to encourage faster, healthier growth.

    This use of small amounts of antibiotics for large groups of animals over long periods of time can create ideal conditions for bacteria to develop resistance. Bacteria that can withstand the drugs will survive and reproduce, while bacteria susceptible to the drugs will die off. It's a microscopic survival of the fittest.

    See article linked below.

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    This is very true. Antibiotics should only be used when medically necessary, and for the time prescribed for it. Not stopping when you start to feel better. A bad idea, as they are finding out now.
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    Which is why I am anti knee jerk reaction to go to antibiotics for everything that comes up with one's livestock is such a bad idea - especially since most people run either too short or too low of a dose on top of using it for things it is not needed for.

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